New York City Bar Association Letter to Trump Transition Team

Letter urges protection of strong federal environmental laws

On January 5, 2017, New York City Bar Association President John S. Kiernan sent a letter to President-elect Trump’s transition team exhorting the incoming administration to “preserve the hard-won progress that has been made over the years in protecting and improving” the environment. The letter calls out the economic benefits that often result from strong environmental policy as well as the long, if spotty, history of bipartisan support for environmental progress.

In particular, the letter:

  • Highlights the need for the federal government to do its part to promulgate and enforce environmental laws, including through a fully funded U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Voices concern regarding certain cabinet-level nominees who are known to be deniers of climate science and encourages the president-elect to make use of the vast amount of climate knowledge he has available to him.

  • Encourages launching new programs and promoting existing ones that incentivize renewable energy, noting the economic and jobs benefits that frequently result.

  • Expresses “hope that [the Trump administration] will go down in history as the one that broke through the partisan logjam on climate action.”

The letter drew from the input of several committees of the New York City Bar Association:  the Environmental Law Committee, the Energy Law Committee, the International Environmental Law Committee and the Climate Adaptation Task Force.

It is available here.